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International Office

The functions of the International Office are as follows:

1. Support and advise the Minister on the development of policies, guidelines and actions in the context of relations with international organizations and others in the sector within the framework of international cooperation or relations. 2. Act as liaison and referral of the sector to international organizations and agencies and support the maintenance of relations of the Ministry with them. 3. Develop concepts of actions, agreements, projects, and other instruments in the context of international relations and negotiations to ensure that national policies on information technology and communications are embodied in the negotiation and signing of the respective instruments. 4. Support and participate in negotiation processes of regulatory instruments and international cooperation in the sector and the Ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 5. Identify and provide input on trends and discussions that take place in the different organisms of cooperation, trade and regulation in the international framework on issues and elements that affect the information technology and telecommunications sector. 6. Manage international cooperation in support of the development of the ICT sector in Colombia. 7. Coordinate with the mission areas of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications in order to obtain international cooperation funds that can be applied to plans, programs and projects of access, promotion and social development of information technology and communications. 8. Design and establish methodologies for analysis and follow up of issues and matters of international relations in the sector. 9. Tracking and evaluation on agreed instruments and prepare concepts for the Minister's office and others instances about conditions and results thereof. 10. Promote the exchange of expertise and experiences on issues of policy, regulation and other relevant aspects for the development of information technology and communications, as well as training opportunities and specialized human resources development. 11. To disseminate the most important aspects of global discussions on current policy, regulation and surveillance in the field of information technology and communications. 12. All others assigned that are inherent in the nature of dependence.

Alejandro Delgado Moreno Jefe de Oficina Oficina Internacional 344-34-60 Extensión 2206

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