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Information and publications of the National Fiber Optic Project The ICT Ministry informs those interested in tender 002 of 2011, that on the 28th of July was officially published the document concerning the Terms of Reference of the National Fiber optic project and other project documents. The entity is now in its consolidation, analysis, and corresponding generation of responses. At the same time we invite you to consult within the next few days the unique public contracts website and the web pages of and, in which they proceed with the publication of the responses that are generated an the final project documents. Find here information of the National Fiber Optic project, the information highway for Colombia By 2010 approximately 80% of municipalities or populated centers did not have access to the national fiber optic networks. For this reason they were at a competitive disadvantage, and in terms of supply and the quality of telecommunication services in comparison with major cities connected with this technology. The National Fiber Optic Project aims to reach 700 connected municipalities via fiber optic networks in order to achieve greater penetration of telecommunication services in the country, including the Internet. This past June 1st the social program Compartel of the ICT Ministry published the draft concerning the terms of reference and project documents in the unique public contracts website and the pages and . Optic Fiber Tips

  • A fiber is as thin as a human hair
  • Transports data, voice and video converted into light beams
  • Optical signals transported are not affected by climate change or electromagnetic radiation
  • It can carry through it high volumes of information and download large amounts of video, music and images between others simultaneously
  • It allows transporting information at a higher speed with a lower cost compared to other technologies

Documents in this section In the links at the end of this page you will find the following titles, contains the project documentation: Tender Specifications and annexed documents (In Spanish) Preliminary Technical Document and published annexes Published on January 24, 2011 * Preliminary Technical Document - National Fiber Optic Project * Annex 1 - International Experiences * Annex 2 - Live Digital Forum * Annex 3 - National Fiber Optics RFI Format * Annex 4 - Municipalities Industry Comments Published on April 11, 2011 * Comments on the Technical Document Draft * Annex Comments on the technical document draft Presentation to ICT industry * National Fiber Optic Project Launch - May 17, 2011 Presentation to Mass Media * National Fiber Optic Project - May 17, 2011 Tender Specifications project and documents of the National Fiber Optic project Published the 1st of June 2011 * Tender specifications project * Document of fiber optic project previous studies * Annex 1 2 and 3 - Municipalities * Annex 4 - Technical annex Fiber Optic * Annex 5A - Letter of presentation * Annex 5B - Financial capability * Annex 5C - Technical Proposal * Annex 5D - Residual Capacity for contracting * Annex 5E - Declaration to Quality Commitment * Annex 5F - Economic Proposal and additional Municipalities * Annex 5G - Commitment to Anticorruption * Annex 5H - Accredited Experience Certification * Annex 5I - Organizational Capacity Certificate * Appendix 6 - Minutes of the Contract * Annex 7 - Minutes of the fiduciary contract * Annex 8 - Financial annex - Fiduciary Disbursement and Uses * Appendix 9 - Definitions Prorogation Communication - Pretender available for Comments Posted on June 9, 2011 Notices in the press and Chamber of Commerce This section is under construction. For more information contact the program at PBX (57 1) 344 34 60 Ext: 3302 or write to us at

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