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Iván Antonio Mantilla

Telecommunications Engineer from the Santo Tomás University of Bucaramanga, with a Master’s degree in Technologies, Systems and Communication Networks and Master in Strategic Thinking and Prospective from the Externado University of Colombia and finally with a PhD in Telecommunications from the Politécnica of Valencia (Spain).

Vice Minister of Connectivity and Digitalization

He has a long career in the ICT sector: he was advisor of politics in the National Agency of the Spectrum, deputy director of Telecommunications and deputy director of Digital prospective of DNP. Likewise, he served as Development Engineer in the Applications Institute of the Advanced Information and Communication Technologies in the Community of Valencia.

In the academic field, he has been a professor of radio communications, digital economy and ICT politics in the Politécnica University of Valencia and in the Externado University of Colombia. He has published more than 30 scientific articles in his field.

He has received several distinctions, the most important one being the Cum Laude recognition in the degree of Telecommunications Engineering; Cum Laude with international certification in the program of PhD in Telecommunications. Also, he is a distinguished graduate of the faculty of Telecommunications Engineering from Santo Tomás University.

english overview, Iván Antonio Mantilla
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