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23 de junio de 2015

Minister of ICT of Colombia presides the opening ceremony of the UN World Public Service Forum in Medellin city.

Minister of ICT of Colombia presides the opening ceremony of the UN World Public Service Forum in Medellin city.

Minister of ICT - David Luna in UN World Public Service Forum

Public servants from all around the world gathered in the Metropolitan Theater of Plaza Mayor Conventions Center to launch this important forum, which seeks to acknowledge innovations in public service delivery.

"Innovating in public service requires a new mind set. Today more than ever, we must focus our efforts in new public policy strategies that locate the citizen in the center of the discussion, taking advantage of the technological tools that allow us to open channels of participation" said Minister of ICT of Colombia, David Luna, during the opening ceremony of this forum.

The Minister also mentioned that events like this one, allow the country to consolidate its commitment to being more open to citizen participation and delivering a more transparent public service. "The transparency and right off access to information legislation, promotes the use of freely open data, which in turn demands the construction of strategies and technological tools that would allow citizens to actively participate, apply social oversight over public affairs and stay in contact with the state.

On his speech John-Mary Kauyza, Chief of Public Administration Capacity Branch (PACB), DPADM/UNDESA, stressed the importance of Colombia being a strategic allay in the region and confirmed that we need to reconfigure the way in which we understand public service. He also honored public servants who have understood their role and the requirements of their jobs, inspiring others to fulfill their true purpose: serve others.

During the opening ceremony, the Director of Civil Service of Colombia (DAFP) mentioned that innovation is a key part of public service and, as such, must be one of the intrinsic features of public servants around the world, making them capable of suggesting new ways to deliver services, drawing on past progress and treating public resources as sacred.

The UN World Public Service Forum that chose Medellin as host city had the participation of Medellin's Mayor Anibal Gaviria who highlighted the metamorphosis that the city has lived regarding reduction of violence rates, the increase of citizen participation and innovation in the public sector.

The participants will gather at this forum to share meaningful experiences and discuss the current and future status of public service along with important topics such as internet governance, e-government and their relation with the development goals set by the UN member states.

The Ministry of ICT of Colombia (MinTIC) and the Department of Civil Service of Colombia (DAFP) with the support of the Colombian office of the UN Development Program (UNDP) will host this forum.

For more information view 2015 United Nations Public Service Forum

To cover this event the hash tag #UNPSA2015 is being used for Twitter and other main social networks.



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