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03 de septiembre de 2015

IT Selection Colombia is born, a union of industry leaders

The ICT Ministry, Fedesoft and the private sector are launching the Colombian IT Selection Strategy under the framework of Andicom, with the aim of boosting the national industry through their leaders.

Selección TI

In order to configure the IT industry in the country as symbolic of the quality and experience of the Colombian industry, under the framework of the 30th edition of Andicom, the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, David Luna, enacted the launch of the IT Colombian Selection Strategy, which will strengthen and position the information technologies industry in the country through its leadership.

This space relied upon the precence of the Goalkeeper from the Colombian footbal team, Faryd Mondragon, and in a forum where some of the entrepreneurs who are part of this select group were present, they unveiled their experiences and challenges for the future of the industry.

The presentation of the strategy of the IT Selection Colombia relied upon group of leading companies in the IT sector who will be the first ambassadors and the first selection convened to position the name and the quality of Colombian IT products. These are:

• Victor Munoz Carvajal Technology and Services

• Maria Clara Choucair of Choucair Testing

• Luis Javier Parra Datatools

• Camilo Bernal of DigitalWare

• Claudia Lozano Electrosoftware

• Luis Fernando Jaramillo of Heinsohn Business Technology

• Elkin Medina of MVM Engineering

• Daniel Medina Olympia IT

• Benito Pardini Open Systems

• Jorge Aramburo PSL

• Fernando Otoya of SIESA

• Ricardo Ortiz de SIIGO

• Juan Carlos Otoya of Zeus Technology

According to data from the superintendency of corporations in the software industry of Colombia, the country had sales of 9.3 billion pesos in 2014, positioning itself as one of the industries which most marks out the country's economy, with a growth of 12% over the previous year. Likewise, according to data from the IDC, industry exports were USD 246 million for the year 2013.

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IT Selection Colombia is born, a union of industry leaders
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