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02 de febrero de 2012

Colombia has the cheapest computers of the region

The Minister of ICT attended the official presentation of the submarine cable AMX-1, with which our country multiplied by 50 its current capacity of international connections.

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As integral part of the Plan Vive Digital, the Department of Information technologies and the Communications (TIC) moves forward initiatives that allow more Colombian to be able to gain access to computers, digital tablets, intelligent phones and, this way, facilitate the access to the hardware TIC. In Colombia, there are close to 10 '530.000 teams of this class, what corresponds to nearly 23 % of the population.

To improve these numbers, one has looked for an alliance between the government, operators, manufacturers and credit institutions in order to promote the use of the computers in the whole national territory.

Inside the developed strategies and since I support to the Plan Vive Digital, Stores Success, Intel, JOINS and HP joined to deliver to the community an accessible way of buying computer with Internet connection, under the program 'My first computer'. This, in addition to being an opportunity for the sectors 1, 2 and 3 also means for the biggest companies possibilities of sales and growth. The throwing of the program realized in the store Success street 80 in the city of Bogota.

Other advances that have been achieved thanks to the Exterior joint work of the Boards of trade and TIC, it was the elimination of the import duties of the terminals with access to Internet like computers, tablets and intelligent phones, which happened from 5 % to 0 %. The measurement, which entered validity from the first of January, 2012, will help to be increased significantly the terminals demand in sectors 2, 3 and 4, in order to which more Colombian they have access to the freeway of the information. "From the Department TIC we take forceful measures so that the technology comes to all and with this type of joint work we will contribute to the decrease of the breaches in the knowledge of the new technologies", pointed out the Minister TIC, Diego Molano Vega.

Additionally, it is had like target to limit the cost of service of connection by means of the elimination of the tax of the VAT to the service and to restate the subsidies of fixed telephony for the Internet service in low strata. This way, the way is built for the creation of the big digital ecosystem, where there will integrate five key forces of this process: the infrastructure, connectivity, users, contents and applications. At present, a computer below 2 '060.000 pesos does not pay VAT.

Thanks to these measurements, Colombia is the country of Latin America that offers the computers of lower cost. "With these components one will manage to construct a technological Colombia, where the persons could adapt of the hardware TIC and benefit from its use", Molano concluded Vega.

Colombia has the cheapest computers of the region
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