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27 de junio de 2013

Government awarded 4G licenses

The ICT Ministry through auction granted the licenses of 4G to five companies. In this way, the Government will be wireless Internet to the poorest, will connect with the opportunities on the Colombians living in the more remote regions of the country and improve the quality of the service.

The Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications conducted the auction more important of the ICT sector in recent years in Latin America, which will allow us to offer the 4G technology in the country. The auction allowed the entry of two new companies to the Colombian mobile market, in order to promote competition, higher quality, more coverage and better prices in telephony services and mobile internet.

The 4G auction began at 7:00 in the morning of June 26 of 2013 and lasted until 4:30 p.m. at which time there were 3 rounds. During the day were auctioned simultaneously seven blocks of spectrum for 4G, three in the band known as AWS and four in the band of 2,500 MHz. Six companies bidded by spectrum bands and the distribution is presented below:

Additional to this sum of money the operators will have to devote resources to comply with obligations of coverage to the municipal seats further away, special plans and purchase of 556,374 tablets for the poorest students, as part of the payment by the spectre.

The dominant operator has to comply with the highest obligations. Resources close to the 770 thousand 535 million to raise the State will be directed to the development of social programs that are looking for bringing technology to the Colombians most poor. To ensure transparency in the process of the 4G auction, was under the supervision of control agencies such as the Attorney General of the Nation. "It was the purpose of President Juan Manuel Santos that with 4G will win the Colombians. Earn because it reaches more competition to the internet and mobile telephones. Highest quality and best prices for the Colombians. We raised 70% more than the expected resources will be allocated to the implementation of social programs for Vive Digital ", said the ICT Minister, Diego Molano Vega, during the closing of the auction. With the realization of this auction by the Government of President Santos complies with the goals of infrastructure that was drawn in the Vive Digital Plan, with the goal of improving the quality of the telephony services that receive the Colombians and making one Colombia a modern country. What is the 4G technology? The technology of 4G will be one of the solutions that implements the Government of President Juan Manuel Santos to bring wireless Internet to the poorest. The main objective of this auction is to encourage the user to improve quality of service, more coverage and best rates, through the promotion of competition in the mobile market. It is expected that in December this year begin to provide the services of 4G in the major cities of the country.

Government awarded 4G licenses
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