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25 de marzo de 2015

Colombia leader in the region in the production of a quality software

As well as indicated in a report of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), which stresses that there are 56 companies in the CMMI model between levels III and V and we get over to countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador


A report of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) said that Colombia occupies the first place in the rating of the number of firms valued in CMMI, the valuation more recognized in the international arena in both the development and services, between levels III and V. Our country according to the report, is the more companies you have in the five-level and higher than that of countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. "It is a very important result for our industry," said the minister of ICT Diego Molano Vega "because it reflects great results in certifying companies in quality and confirms that our industry has already reached a point of maturation to export software".

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is world-renowned servant by valuing the best IT companies of the world. "The figures show that the software industry in Colombia is growing at a rapid pace and that already started to appear and tap on the international ranking," said the minister. "When you enter the MinTIC the goal was to double the sales of the software industry in four years, and not only met but that almost tripled from 2.6 trillion pesos in sales in 2010 to 7.5 billion pesos in 2014. A not inconsiderable sum to potentiate the IT sector and contribute to the economy of the country". The Minister also emphasized that during 2010-2014, 120 companies from software participaron in the open calls the MinTIC in partnered with Colciencias to support their processes for assessment and certification in quality models. "Of these, 66 companies by the valuation of CMMI the more recognized in an international way.

The rest of the companies have been certified in other models such as IT Mark, designed for msmes; in MPS BR, Moprosoft and other called white line. All this with an investment by the government of $16,240 million pesos". Molano said that in addition to the assessment and certification of IT companies, the MinTIC advances in training and certification of human talent with excellence in software development. "Today we have 480 people certified in TSP/PSP (Team Software process/personal software process) model of the SEI recognized at the global level. A person who has this certificate is desired in any enterprise IT of the world, and we want our talent is the best," he added in an effort to support the colombian IT sector, a year ago, the ICT Ministry, Proexport, and FEDESOFT have joined forces to create the 'Country Brand TI', a seal that seeks to give to know to Colombia as destination conducive to generate business and know the business potential of the country and thus show the world the importance of the information technology sector in both the local and global market.

The Mark stands out to companies that positioned the IT industry as critical indicator of the Colombian economy. Obtain the country brand has no cost but companies must comply with mandatory requirements, such as be legally incorporated, have a web site under the domain .CO, that the object is related to the IT industry and an offer of IT products and services. "All these efforts we have the software industry of the country, joined other practices that are moving forward in the direction of policies and IT development -FITI- of the ICT Min, where through eight dimensions we are advancing in the consolidation of a sector nationally and with strong positioning in the international market", said Minister Molano Vega. Eight actions that are underway to strengthen the IT sector colombian Strategic Vision of the Sector: Dimension oriented to establish a north for the IT industry, through studies and strategies that guide all of the actors involved, articulately to work under the same direction. Research, Development and Innovation: In this line of action exercises are intended to promote research, development and innovation by articulating academy, company, state, and clusters. Quality: Dimension with which promotes the adoption of quality models globally recognized by part of the companies that are part of the IT industry. Norming: Dimension in which he works to develop and manage the implementation of standards that will encourage the IT industry, by way of competitive regulatory framework. Associativity: In this dimension it seeks to strengthen collaboration models to generate strategic synergies that allow them to increase the competitiveness of the sector. Infrastructure: to foster the development of feasibility studies for infrastructure deployment suitable and relevant trends, torque.

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Colombia leader in the region in the production of a quality software
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