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06 de mayo de 2015

Minister Molano is one of the panelist at the tenth World Economic Forum

The tenth edition of the Economic Forum of Latin America will begin in the Riviera Maya. The ICT Minister, Diego Molano Vega, will participate as a panelist in various scenarios where he will discuss investments in Latin America and regional transformation projects.

This Wednesday (May 7) the ICT Minister will participate as a panelist in the session "Digital Transformation: The Future of Business in the Digital Age." There will be convened leaders in ICT America, which will identify how digital technologies are transforming organizations and industries.

It will look at innovations coming out of Latin America and their applicability across industries and in other regions. Participants will explore and assess the impact of digital technologies on business and society, how to navigate uncertainty brought on by digital transformation, and how to adjust to changing environments that require rapid adaptation, both of business practices and on a customer level.

The session aims to equip executives to better navigate impending digital transformations by exploring a number of questions for stakeholders to jointly address. The findings of this session will form part of the initial framework of the Digital Transformation of Industries initiative.

At noon, the ICT Minister, Diego Molano, will be present at the discussion: "The Future of Telecommunications in Latin America" with the Deputy Minister of Communications and Transportation of Mexico, Monica Aspe.

In this space the participants will discuss the technological, business and regulatory dynamics that shape the future of digital communications in the region and the key issues to be addressed include: regulatory frameworks necessary to support investment and innovation, digital access affordable, reliable and inclusive and analysis of critical data for economic growth and social development, alliances and continuous efforts to improve digital infrastructure and services in the region.

Soon after, he will be in the discussion panel of "Technology. Debates Tomorrow Imagination and Context." This session will actively engage participants to think together about the future they want when it comes to technology and regional challenges (what kind of technology-enabled future do we want to live in? what do we want to avoid? which questions remain?).

Conversations will focus on how technology can be used to address the regional challenges related to social sustainability, productivity and natural resources, based on what matters most.

He will end his day, by participating as the leader of the panel discussion on "Bridging the Skills and Innovation Gap in Latin America: Next Steps for Action" by the head of Investment Banking Citi, Mexico. In 2013, the Forum launched a pilot lab in Latin America to help bridge the skills and innovation gaps. This was followed by 10 recommendations for bridging these gaps in Latin America.

This session will leverage the momentum raised so far and engage the region's leaders in a deeper discussion to begin refining, selecting and acting upon the recommendations put forth by the Competitiveness Lab.

On Thursday, May 7, will be speaking at 3:30 pm at the Business Interaction Group of Colombia with some ministers of Colombia.

Facts About the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum brings together about 750 leaders, among them presidents, and multinational and opinion leaders. The World Economic Forum on Latin America (LATAM WEF) is a forum for high-level dialogue that brings together leaders and entrepreneurs to present, discuss and formulate strategies for the overall improvement of the region.

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