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MinTIC launches Program of Activities of the Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean-eLAC 2020

MinTIC launches Program of Activities of the Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean-eLAC 2020

Última actualización: 18 de julio de 2018
Colombia, through the ICT Ministry, introduces the Program of Activities which will seek to accomplish the objectives stated inside the digital roadmap of the region, for the next two years.

"The Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean now owes a Program of Activities, in order to fulfil the 30 objectives proposed to get the region into a digital economy; and the important action to highlight is that we structure both a follow-up and a review mechanism to meet this goal", stressed the ICT Minister of Colombia, Juan Sebastián Rozo, when he introduced the Program.

Colombia took over the Presidency of this mechanism on April of this year, instrument which boost the coordination of cooperation efforts in digital matters inside the region. For the next two years, 30 goals where stated, in 7 areas of actions, to gain a relevant advance in the sector.

Precisely, the ICT Minister launched today the Program of Activities, which brings the most appropriate and suitable actions to accomplish each one of the objectives. For instance, among the main activities stablished are: i) to identify obstacles that limits usage of transnational e-commerce; ii) to identify priority areas for the implementation of standard digital services, and iii) to boost dialogue about the promotion of the Regional Digital Market.

"To complete this Program, it was necessary a wide range of discussion, not only within the Executive Board and the Observers of the Digital Agenda, but between all the members of the mechanism. From this point on, it was determined that every action area will have its own working party, responsible of the fulfillment of its different activities", explained Minister Rozo.

At the same time, Colombia proposed an evaluation and follow-up mechanism for the Program of Activities, where it is stablished the designation of seven country members of the Executive Board, to become link within the seven working parties, and the creation of a role for the current Presidency (Colombia) and the next one (Brazil) to address affairs related to international positioning.

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology introduced all the above, among a High Level Discussion, who took place in New York, named "Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean-eLAC 2020- as catalyst of the Sustainable Development Objectives", with the participation of members of the Executive Board of eLAC2020, which includes the private sector, civil society, international organizations and other countries.

The seven actions areas for the Digital Agenda of Latin America and the Caribbean are: Digital infrastructure; transformation and digital economy; Digital Government; Culture; skills and digital inclusion; Emerging technologies for sustainable development; Regional Digital Market; and Governance for the information society.

Colombia has had a true digital revolution in the last eight years. Thanks to the work of this Government, we were able to connect 1,108 municipalities of the national territory, install 1,642 Free WiFi Zones and pass from 2.6 million broadband Internet connections in 2010 to 30.3 million at nowadays. In addition, Colombians were able to appropriate technology, with initiatives such as Digital Citizenship, which trained 2.3 million Colombians in digital literacy and electronic commerce skills. Now the country is on the way to a digital economy, with a renewed institutional framework to face this challenge.

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MinTIC launches Program of Activities of the Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean-eLAC 2020

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