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"Live Digital Plan" Technology in the life of every Colombian Live Digital, is the technology plan for the next four years in Colombia, which aims to give the country a technological leap by the massification of the Internet and the development of the national digital ecosystem. The Plan responds to the challenge of this government to achieve democratic prosperity through the appropriation and use of technology. Live Digital is betting on the massification of the Internet. It is demonstrated that there is a direct correlation between Internet penetration, the appropriation of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), employment generation and poverty reduction. The Plan Live Digital then evolves into significant social and economic benefits. According to studies by Raul Katz from Columbia University, in the Chilean case a 10% increase in Internet penetration led to a reduction in unemployment of 2%.

Live digital and education

According to the UNCTAD Information Economy Report 2010, in developing countries such as the Philippines and India, for each job created in the ICT industry between 2 and 3.5 additional jobs in the economy were generated. According to the World Bank and the World Economic Forum report, The Global Information Technology Report 2010, there is a direct correlation between the Network Readiness Index, which measures the use and development of ICTs and their international competitiveness. We found that Colombia must overcome several barriers in order to reach the massification of the Internet. We have barriers in all parts of the digital ecosystem, for example, in infrastructure, services, applications and users. In this proposal of Live Digital we analyzed these barriers and proposed different initiatives to overcome them.

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