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24 de febrero de 2016

Colombia: world leader in spectrum management

The GSMA presented the award to the Colombian government with the highest distinction for its adequate management of the electromagnetic spectrum for mobile broadband communications. The award was received by Martha Suarez, Director of ANE (Spectrum National Agency of Colombia), in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Colombia es líder mundial en gestión de espectro
Colombia es líder mundial en gestión de espectro

The World Association of Mobile Operators - GSMA - recognized Colombia as the country with the best government strategy for the management of the spectrum for mobile broadband communications. The award was presented as part of the Mobile Globe Awards, which include government initiatives with the greatest impact on telecommunications.
The country received this recognition, product of the spectrum management being made by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and the National Spectrum Agency, to support the expected growth of mobile internet connections and long-term planning that will allow achieving the goals of Vive Digital Plan for the Colombian people.
"The task that the Ministry has been conducting in hand with the ANE is to prepare the country for the new scenarios posed by the digital revolution. A proper spectrum management will allow us to respond to an increase demand for connectivity and services, which in turn will result in benefits for our people. This recognition reaffirms that we are doing the job as it should", said the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, David Luna Sanchez, from Colombia celebrating the prize awarded in Barcelona.
In 2012 the policy implemented by the Colombian government for the IT sector was recognized by the same association as the Best Public Policy broadband access, something that reveals the growth of the country in this regard.
To grant this recognition the GSMA considers proper planning, the vision for the future and how the availability of spectrum for mobile broadband communications and issues such as transparency and working with stakeholders is promoted.

This year it was evaluated especially the participation and the results of the World Radio Conference 2015 held in November in Geneva, Switzerland, where Colombia took their positions derived from several studies of the frequency bands that can be used for future mobile communications in the country. (For details on the results of CMR -15 can be accessed:

"This is the highest honor for a worldwide spectrum regulatory entity can receive and we are very proud that Colombia won. This prize represents the well done management we have been advancing in recent years, where we can guarantee the availability of spectrum in order to favor the broadband mobile communications of the country, as well as increased quality and coverage", said Martha Suarez, Director of the National Spectrum Agency.

Thanks to the proper planning of spectrum requirements for broadband in the coming years, migrations costs of active users of the bands may be reduce. Thus, the money that would be spent on such migrations can be used in other more important issues for the country.

Similarly with proper planning and spectrum management we seeks to provide certainty for mobile operators that they will have enough spectrum for the expected growth of its connections and their capacity, allowing to offer new and better services in the future, which ultimately benefits users who can access broadband connectivity with the best quality.

Mobile World Congress de Barcelona
Mobile World Congress de Barcelona
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